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What is a vision board and why is it important?

Deep in our subconscious lay our hearts desires and our childhood memories. Social media, over-stimulation, careers, and other factors get into our mind and cloud what was once a magic realm. However, that place is never lost. It may be buried but not lost.

Tapping into our intuition is done by closing our eyes and allowing the noisy clutter to dissipate and allowing the sound of silence to give rebirth to our inner spring of creativity.

We each have spirit guides beside us constantly. This could be an angel of a loved one, or an ancient entity assigned to your path. Regardless, more than our own reason is whispering in our ear, guiding us regularly. Allowing the silence to penetrate helps one to hear the voice of the guide. Though it may be below the threshold of human detection, your brain receives the messages, and you will know something. That is a fancy way of defining intuition. Intuition is also all the things you have ever learned combined in one pulse, a gut feeling or some knowledge you might not be aware of formerly knowing.

The three prominent learning experiences from creating a vision board are: deepening intuition, gaining artistic design, and possibly foretelling your future. Artistic design methods used include layering, subtracting, repurposing and depth-building.

And the act of cutting out shapes from magazines is relaxing. Citing work from researchers at University of California, Davis, Brit + Co explains that doing chores you don’t have to think about gives your brain freedom to think creatively:

It all comes down to brain structure and a lot of neurological processes. Essentially, when you’re vacuuming or wiping down counters, the part of your brain responsible for muscle memory is ignoring the part of your brain responsible for creative thinking, allowing it to do its own thing (like pondering that next big creative breakthrough!). When our hands are distracting our brain, this “autopilot” function boosts levels of thinking and creative reasoning. But don’t worry — you don’t have to spend your whole day in the shower or scrubbing floors. Menial tasks like walking the dog, coloring or watering your garden all let your brain focus on other matters while you enjoy “mindless” physical tasks.


Slices of an image are scattered beyond a chair in the foreground. Layers carefully placed show the background and create texture, intrigue and more meaning.


Removing a model from a scene in a Kate Spade advertisement creates the feeling of swimming in some ones aura (the cutout from the wallpaper.)


A cut-out coat from a Fashion Magazine is used to create the illusion of spirits in the foreground. A floral necklace also from an advertisement bleed into a nature scene creating fluidity.


The use of doors, passageways, entities in front of one another, large pieces in the distance all create the illusion of depth in a flat-one dimensional piece.

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