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We opened in December 2021 after a long stretch of quarantines and a lot of political unrest to say the least.  The office furniture industry is changing, so Laura decided to give back and emerge in the cultural scene; choosing the historical town of Belvidere for the charm and notorious ley lines.  We grew up in a Victorian home and this place feels like home.

The business model has evolved.  We are now a fine art gallery with lots more to offer.  We have an apothecary, gift shoppe, lots of plants, community classes, yoga, jewelry, typing services, books, cards, vegan chocolate, sculpture, and NOW an open mic night!  

We are looking forward to being part of a town experiencing a slowly blossoming Renaissance.  



to be a place where folks can go to heal and fully embrace all that is good-- culturally, magically, healthy, spiritual, wise, physical, musically and communal


through a cup of herbal tea, a poetry reading, an oracle reading, a fascinating seminar, a book signing, a meditation, an acoustic jam, an electric jam, songs from the soul, poetry and visionary artwork abound and RESTORE US

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